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Normal Bone Anatomy & Physiology


On completion of this topic, you will have gained an increased understanding of:

  • The functions of bone
  • The histological features of bone and cartilage
  • Basic structural features of bone
  • The relationship between the structure and function of bone
  • Various types of bones
  • Cellular components of bone
  • Features and components of the bony matrix
  • Compact bone and spongy bone
  • Histological features of cartilage
  • The process of endochondral ossification
  • The process of intramembranous ossification
  • Endochondral ossification and intramembranous ossification
  • Parts of a long bone
  • The structure of a long bone from that of a flat bone
  • Basic blood and nerve supply of a bone

The duration of this topic is: 1 hour

Author: Lin Butler

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